To clean or not to clean my carpets myself in New York City?

To clean or not to clean my carpets myself in New York City?

Is it really worth it to have a carpet cleaning service in New York City come in to your home or office? Or, would you rather roll up those sleeves, buy a carpet steamer or professional vacuum and do it yourself?

Everyone knows that there are many reasons to get those dirty carpets cleaned, but when it comes to actually getting it done, what holds us back?

Should you buy your own equipment?

Steam carpet equipment can be heavy and a hassle to use and set up. If you were to buy one, it can also be expensive .There are many carpet cleaning machines out there, but none that are available in your local hardware store, really seem to have the same power as the professional models.

Should the carpets be cleaned with a dry method or steam cleaned?

Which machines work best on your valuable carpets or sentimental rugs? Research has shown, that steam cleaning carpets and rugs, get the deeply embedded dirt and allergens out of the carpets in a superior manner to any dry method.

This also comes down to your budget as well. Not many people in New York City put aside money for steaming carpets or rugs. If deep steam cleaning your carpets help avoid allergies and doctor visits, then the effort or expense is worth it.

What are the reasons to go with a pro?

They understand what those carpets or rugs need. The chemicals have to be safe but strong enough to make sure that you, your loved ones or clients are better off because of the cleaning. CLICK HERE for an article about the hidden costs of using a portable machine for D.I.Y.


If you have stains such as coffee, tea or even urine depending on the severity, they require other types of cleaning agents. Depending on the severity, you will need spot treatment, but many times our powerful machines can suck those spots right out.

There are also great products that separate the stains from upholstery and carpets and they do not contain harsh chemicals. Even the very unpleasant odors that come from feces, vomit, blood, smoke or foods, there are certain solvents that will take care of those also.

There is a lot of truth in the expression ‘You get what you pay for’.

At My Carpet Stinks, our pricing is very competitive but we do offer discounts to new clients of My Carpet Stinks, of 10-20% off regular pricing. Just mention ‘Rosita’ as it is our code word to get you that special pricing and extra service guarantee.

Whatever you choose, just remember that we are here for you

We want to be your go to place for carpet cleaning in New York City. You don’t have to do it all on your own, The professionals at My Carpet Stinks are here to help.

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