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Marc H.

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I am literally at a loss for words for this review. I’ve been racking my brain on how I could convey my deepest gratitude for everything they did for us. Set aside for a minute the absolutely amazing job Reuven and his team did on our white linen couch and grey area rug. This experience is bigger than that.

I had an appointment for Reuven to come to our apartment yesterday morning at 8:30am. My wife is pregnant with our first child, and we knew he could be coming any day at this point. We wanted everything to be clean for the little guy but in classic fashion we waited til the last minute to schedule everything.

Of course it’s 3am, wife starts having frequent contractions and we rush to the hospital. While we’re waiting for nature to take its course,

I’m trying to contact everyone we had appointments with today (carpet and couch cleaning, doctors, dog groomer, etc) to reschedule. I message Reuven at 6am and he immediately responds saying don’t worry about it, he can still come by and assess the situation, and text me a price if we want to move forward. If he doesn’t hear from us, no worries he’ll come back.

Somehow the timing worked, I got his text quote post-baby delivery while we’re in recovery just relaxing, and Reuven gets to work. Then he says to me, “I’m sure you rushed to the hospital early in the morning and didn’t have time to deal with walking your dog… do you want me to take him on a walk for you?”

Are you serious? This can’t be real, right?

At that moment I mention this to my wife and she starts to cry. I’m sure it’s all the hormones and emotions from just giving birth, but this random act of kindness from a complete stranger was just unbelievable. During a time when you’re exhausted, elated, disoriented, overjoyed and just completely vulnerable, this man, Reuven, lent a helping hand when we needed it most. My wife and I will never forget this gesture from him. That was totally not his responsibility, and had he just provided the amazing service he was hired to do, we would have been completely happy and thrilled with that. Instead he went over and above, and was a simply amazing human being in addition to doing a phenomenal job. He even took a picture of himself walking our dog and sent it to us!

Stop searching for companies to clean your couches or rugs or mattresses or whatever else you need cleaned. Hire Reuven and On Time Steam Cleaning knowing you’ll be treated like family. Thank you!!