Scotch Guard

scotch guard


Why it’s important:

Until Scotch guard was invented, we had to deal with the removal of small odors and stains. Thus had to waste a lot of time and effort.

Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with this problem again because Scotch guard is coming to the rescue.

Scotch guard is able to form a protecting film that repels any stains and odors that try to enter the surface.

The problem is, most people try to apply Scotch Guard products themselves with often dubious results. Thus, you need to leave the process in professional hands like us who know truly how to our job.

The process:

Our Scotch Guard cleaning process consists of two main steps: First, the removal of any trapped stains and second, the application of Scotch Guard film uniformly so that no stains or odors can bypass your surface.

The products and process works in variety of textile surfaces-from furniture and curtains to boots and ski-wear! The film might take 12 hours to dry completely but it’s really worth it-your furniture, curtains or boots will be kept stain and odor-free for longer.

Our promise: Excellent removal and protection from stains and odors for longer periods of time.


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