Reasons to hire a professional carpet cleaning service

Reasons to hire a professional cleaning service

Sometimes it happens that in our home we suffer from allergies and other health ailments and we do not know why. It simply gives us overnight or suddenly.

One might think that it is normal, because of the weather. Some of the causes of allergies are airborne allergens, such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites and mold.

These are easily found on your carpets. So, have you noticed that your family has had trouble breathing, or an allergy that you can not decipher? It may be that the problem is those carpets that you have in your house and that you have never cleaned.

Carpets accumulate dust and dirt over the years. This causes the accumulation of microbes that can never be eliminated.

Keep your family free of germs . Do not take risks. Protect them

We know that we all want to be free of diseases and all their risks and symptoms.

Cleaning may seem like a simple task and it does not require much knowledge to carry it out. But like everything in life, there are professionals for everything, including cleaning.

And is that not only will you be free of microorganisms, but the annoying stains that make your carpet look old.

Professional cleaning service in New York. Professional and affordable cleaning

Professional carpet cleaners have advantages over us that we can make them on our own. More experience and a better cleaning team.

At MyCarpetStinks we have the best commercial cleaners in New York. Based on their experience cleaning carpets over the years, we can assure you a deep cleaning free of germs and bacteria so your family is safer.

Carpet cleaning methods

As mentioned above, carpet cleaners have been trained to perform a high quality service. And this involves studying various ways to clean a carpet.

Not all carpets are cleaned in the same way, that is why a professional can tell us what is the best cleaning method for our carpet.

Steam cleaning

This is just one example of the carpet cleaning methods that currently exist. But without a doubt, it is a method that we could not do ourselves.

Maybe you did not know, but the steam cleaning method does not work with steam, but with extremely hot water, this by definition eliminates any bacteria from our carpets. Which leaves us with a feeling of tranquility that if we do it at home.

This method basically consists of 3 steps

  • A pre-cleaning . Cleaning professionals apply a special solution on the carpet, which eliminates stains and dirt.
  • Hot water This is where the extremely hot water is sprayed to ensure that any bacteria are eliminated.
  • Extraction. The equipment used for this process has many interconnected parts, which makes it possible to extract as much moisture as possible from the carpet through the same hose through which the water comes out.

Now continuing with the benefits and why you should use a professional carpet service .

You can schedule regular cleanings

If you have already hired a carpet cleaning service in New York, and you liked it, then you can schedule regular cleanings to meet the general rules of keeping a clean carpet and taking care of its useful life.

Without interruptions

If you have ever cleaned your carpet on your own, you should know that this takes a lot of time and effort. And without a doubt, that time you spend trying to clean your carpet as best you can, you could dedicate it to your work, personal time, or to your family and your home.

That’s why sometimes it’s not bad to hire someone to do it for you. Undoubtedly it is something that leaves you with a feeling of relaxation, not having to do it yourself.

How much does a professional carpet service cost in New York? NY ?

Carpet cleaning is usually charged per square foot. So, if you have a large carpet that occupies most of your living room at home, you will pay between $ 150 and $ 300 for carpet cleaning (unless you’ve discovered some good offers carpet cleaning, by course).

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