Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

pressure washing

Why it’s important

Very often, our homes have accumulated dirt, dust, grime, mud and mold in multiple surfaces that are hard to clean with ordinary pressure.

Pressure washing utilizes mechanical water pressure to clean effectively various surfaces and objects including building floors and walls, vehicles and concrete surfaces. Power washing can restore your home into a brand new condition. Pressure washing has the ability of going between any kind of surfaces to eliminate impurities.

Hiring a professional team for pressure washing makes an economic sense. Pressure washing equipment tend to cost you a lot of money. Saving becomes easier.

Many people believe that, when the state of their floor, upholstery and mattresses change its time to go for something new. No, that’s not it. You can hire our professionals at My carpet stinks to do it all for you.


The process

To ensure everything is cleared faster and safer,without any residuals left our team of professionals uses an industrial strength pressure washer of varying speeds to get rid of impurities.


Our promise

Regardless of the surface or type of dirt, we’ll clear it up 100% – guaranteed!!

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