My carpet smells like dog/cat urine. Can those smells be removed?

My carpet smells like dog/cat urine. Can those smells be removed?

In many homes, there are carpets and also pet. To many, these adorable animals can be our best friends, but the little rascals can cause our noses to crinkle up sometimes. This is caused many times when they get wet and lay on carpets, as well as other reasons, but if you are an animal lover, you would understand that it’s worth it. Besides, a good carpet cleaning service like My Carpet Stinks can make those carpets and rugs smell good again. Instead of dog/cat pee.

It is common for pets to lay on carpets and rugs in your home. Why? The fibers of the carpets, especially the natural ones, give your pet a pleasant sensation. That is why they tend to spend a lot of time on them. These carpets usually take on a lot of traffic, especially from those pets. Most, if not all of the time, your pets leave their characteristic smell, fur and even their urine on those carpets.

Obviously, we all know that this is not healthy for your pet and much less for your family. At My Carpet Stinks, we care about both and we want to help you out. We want to help you by giving some tips that you can do to help reduce and even remove the smells left behind from your pets on those rugs or carpets. Nothing is better than a professional cleaning from My Carpet Stinks, but when the carpets are not too bad, you can try these methods that could do the trick for you!

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How to remove dog urine smell from carpets (dogs, cats  etc.)

  1. Dog pee on carpet or even cat urine smell is perhaps the worst thing your pet can do, as it really gets embedded the longer that it is left sitting in there. If this is the case, you should go immediately to dry the area. Because, if you wait longer, bacteria will multiply, spreading on your carpet and generating a truly horrible smell.
  2. Use specific pet stain remover/ pet urine remover. Or deodorizers that you can find in your local hardware store or even supermarket that say pet stain carpet cleaner, and They are your best shot for doing it yourself and some aren’t too bad. You really want to counteract the dog or cat urine smell as soon as possible. Be careful with the cleaners that contain  ammonia, as this usually leaves as a mark that pets in the home can recognize and help them claim the spot and do it again.
  3. Then you can always use a steam machine that you can rent, unless you own one yourself. They can not compare to professional steam machines, but to be fair, they can be enough for your stains and smells, is not that bad. It can be a tedious task to get the smells and stains out of those carpets, which is why many people call us at My Carpet Stinks. Who really wants to deal with that mess?

Most carpet or rug manufacturers recommend that you get your carpets or rugs cleaned at least once a year, and more when there is heavy traffic. Unfortunately there is no permanent solution when you have pets that you love. We understand. You want to keep your pets happy and comfortable but also have a family to keep safe also and even guests that come by.

Remember that we are here for you always and our technicians have many years of being professional carpet cleaners that have eliminated many urine stains and odors from carpets. In some cases we will have to take it to one of our warehouses and do a special shampoo treatment. You have options. We want to do everything possible to be your go-to carpet cleaning service in New York City.

Make an appointment today to speak with one of our technicians. We are happy to help!

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