Mattress Cleaning

Mattress Cleaning. Why it’s important?

566_mattress_cleaning2Many people do not take mattress cleaning seriously. But in reality, mattress cleaning is very important in cleaning our household and protecting our health. Mattresses contains a multitude of harmful dust and other microorganisms that accumulate over time, possessing a potential health risk. In fact, if we could really see all the unwanted material in our mattresses we would be shocked.

Unprofessional domestic mattress cleaning is really ineffective. It’s unable to remove all harmful bacteria and other substances found over and inside our mattresses.

Thus, you need to hire a professional team to do the job for you- quickly and effectively.

How Does Is A Professional Mattress Cleaning Done?

Steps followed up in mattress cleaning

  • Pre-inspection . The pre-inspection is done to help technicians better understand the likely outcomes of the cleaning and the state of your mattress.
  • VacuumDry vacuum can help dry out all impurities and remove them quickly. Never under estimate its importance. If dry soils remain in the fabric and are still present during the wet part of the cleaning, they can congeal or thicken and make the cleaning much more difficult.
  • Pre-spray . It’s best not to use harsh solutions on a surface that you sleep on. Your professional cleaner should make your health and safety a priority. Hot water combined with a good solution will make the cleaning even more effective.
  • Agitation. Using a horsehair brush, technicians thoroughly brush and agitate the solution deep into the fabric to ensure proper application of the solution to each and every square inch of your mattress. This is a crucial step and involves some serious elbow grease.
  • Dwell Time. A period from 10-15 minutes is sufficient for the solution to work its magic. Dwell time is necessary because, the longer the solution has to deeply penetrate the fabric, the greater its ability to suspend soils and break them down, which makes for an effective rinsing.
  • Rinsing. After this, the mattress is ready to be rinsed clear of not only the cleaning solution, but also all of the soil that has been broken down during the previous steps. A gentle rinse solution combined with hot water really helps to remove all of the dirt, grime, and oils from the mattress.
  • Drying. The final step in this process will be the drying of the mattress. You can expect your mattress to be dry in 8-12 hours without fans, and 4-6 with the use of fans.

Our promise: Our professional mattress cleaning team will make sure your mattress is perfectly and sanitized so you don’t have to worry any longer when and where you lay at night.

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