How to get bad smells out of carpet NOW!

Get bad smells out of carpet now

Surely you have asked yourself how to get smell out of carpet and also “why my carpet smells so bad” If you have bad carpet odors, then you want to get rid of that carpet smell by an effective way.

Cleaning your carpet by yourself with carpet odor removers can be laborious and somewhat strenuous.

But in the same way in MyCarpetStinks we tell you how you should clean your stinky carpet in a correct and efficient way and thus maintain its useful life.

best way to get smell out of carpet

1) As a first step you should suck all the dust and dirt from it. You can do this with a vacuum cleaner that is the most efficient way. Or you can shake the dust by yourself.

2) When you see that it is enough, it is time to clean up any stains you may have. This simply with a liquid detergent usually comes off easily. It is recommended to use detergents with a neutral Ph (5-8)

3) You should take it to a secluded place, and outdoors. It is recommended to do it where there are sewers, because that will be discussed in the next step.

4) It’s time for the funniest part of this job, if you actually use a water hose and bathe as much surface as possible to make it easier to mix with the detergent. Be careful, it must be cold water.

5) You can do this step beforehand, and it is to make a mixture with water and soap that results in a soapy and foamy solution.

6) All you have to do is pour the soap solution over it and rinse it vigorously. You can help with a long brush. After this you will have to repeat step number 4.

After this you must remove all excess water possible. The more the better

Finally, you should lay it out and let it dry in the sunlight. But do not leave it too long in the sun, since your carpet could lose color, and this is something we do not want.

You have finally completed your task. Congratulations. Now, and you know how to perfectly clean your  carpet without losing color or useful life over time.



Never dry your carpet in a dryer.

Ideally, do not use very strong cleaners that may affect the natural material.

It is very important that as soon as the stain on the carpet is produced it is cleaned. An installed stain can be a real headache.

Never refrain the stain because other parts of the carpet could be damaged unnecessarily.

Remember that the maintenance of your wool carpet depends solely and exclusively on you, because if it is cleaned with a certain frequency there will be no accumulation of waste of any kind.

If you ever get tired of doing this laborious work, there is always the idea of ​​hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. That they do it much better, and in less time. And the best, you could be relaxed in your house while that happens.

At MyCarpetStinks we offer this type of carpet cleaning service and many more. If you are interested, you can check our website and verify yourself.

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