Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning is our specialty when it comes to cleaning

Eco friendly Carpet Cleaning

                                     Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning – Available by request

There are benefits of using ‘Green’ products, but the truth is that most professionals use grade industry wide cleaning solvents that are loaded with toxic chemicals, due to the lower cost.

Some benefits of eco friendly cleaning are:

· Bio degradable
Unlike other methods of cleaning where the chemicals non bio degradable, eco friendly carpet cleaning methods are environmental friendly. All materials used in cleaning the carpet pose no danger to the environment. Chemicals and detergents commonly used are not eco friendly. They do not easily decompose when exposed to the environment.

· Health benefits.
Unlike chemical cleaners which use dangerous chemicals some of which pose health danger when inhaled, green cleaners use natural components that leave your home smelling fresh and natural. Chemicals used by traditional chemical cleaners are not safe for pet, children and people who are allergic or have other health conditions.

· Keeps your carpet strong.

Even though many carpet cleaning companies claim that their products keep your carpets clean and strong, the reality is that some of those harsh chemicals are also bad for your carpet and not just your family and pets. Using the green and eco friendly products can help your carpets last longer also. Harsh chemicals can weaken the fiber of your carpet and over usage generally makes carpet to be weak. As with anything, excess is no good. Our experts know the right solutions for your carpets and also the proper and recommended amounts to use.

· Natural pleasant smell

The Eco friendly one is more suitable to those people who are allergic or have other health complications.

Fact: Most widely used carpet companies use stronger chemicals. Why? Because they are cheaper, which is what many companies care about. They make false claims just to lure you in and scare you into taking high-priced options that you don’t really need.

The risk of developing various illnesses is greater when we are exposed to toxic chemicals. If you have a compromised immune system, then it might be best if you use the Eco-friendly cleaning that we offer.

Taking all of this into consideration, our team has adopted the best of both methods. Modern eco-friendly carpet cleaning equipment and techniques to clean your carpet while minimizing environmental damage and health risks. Usage of the best cleaning agents that money can buy, which eliminates the majority of pathogens and other undesirables.

Our promise: Your carpet will look and feel fresh for longer, no matter which method you decide to choose. Don’t worry about anything. Make your choice and we will follow your wishes. You are the boss.

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