How to remove odor from carpet

Quick and easy tips to lengthen the lives of your carpets in your home or office.

Quick and easy tips to lengthen the lives of your carpets in your home or office.

When we buy a carpet for our home or office, we expect them to last a long time. They add to the style of these places and for most of us, it is a reflection of us. Besides the aesthetic value for many of us, they serve other purposes as well, such as to lessen the impact on our feet when we walk on them. Whatever the reason you value your rugs or carpets, you want them to last as long as possible.

As it lays on the ground, these carpets can take a brutal beating on a daily basis. Besides the dirt that is built up inside of them and the other toxins we have discussed in other posts, they can get worn down without some type of maintenance.  The more you take care of them, the longer the life they have and will keep serving their purpose.

The maintenance of your carpets is important

Maintaining your carpets is not as hard as it seems and it does not take reading a novel on the subject. Basic cleanings with a vacuum help you not only control the dirt and smells, but it can keep the build up from actually damaging your carpets.

From the purchase of your carpet, there can already be lint stored in it from the manufacturing process. So it is normal that when you go to clean it, your carpet dispatches some of them.  During the first months, you should brush your rug or carpets in the direction of the fibers, or vacuum them, if you have a carpet vacuum cleaner in your home or office.

Tips to keep your carpets always clean.

In your home, when you come in from outside, try not to rest your shoes, shake or stomp them on your carpet. This will impregnate the dirt and in the long term can and will cause the fibers to be damaged. Remember what they say: an ounce of prevention is worth…well, a lot of money if you have to replace or even repair your carpets.

Do your best to at least vacuum your carpet weekly.  Always try to use the best carpet cleaning products and take care of any spills that could contaminate or cause your carpets to rot away. Do not let much too much time go by, as with anything else that is left neglected, especially a spouse! You want to keep your spouse happy, right? Well, think of your carpets as a loving spouse that takes care of you and just needs a little t.l.c. sometimes.

Professional New York City Carpet Cleaning Service

If you feel that the job of cleaning your carpet regularly is difficult, you can always choose to hire professional cleaning services. They can really lighten the load for you. We do not offer home cleaning services, as in maids, but recommend them if you do not have the time or patience to do routine maintenance such as vacuuming.

At My Carpet Stinks, we offer multiple carpet cleaning services, and even rug and carpet repairs. Our machines steam clean professionally and really help to prolong the lives of your carpets.

When you need a great and deep steam cleaning in New York City and Brooklyn, you know you can count on us. Feel free to take a tour of our website, and find out about all the services we offer.

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