Urine post for servicing New York carpets stained by pet urine

Dog or Cat Urine; is it really that bad to smell it?

Dog or Cat Urine smell ; is it really that bad to smell it?

Urine post for servicing New York carpets stained by pet urine


Dog or Cat Urine; is it really that bad to smell it? That depends on who you ask. Some people get used to it and are not bothered after a while, but if you ask someone visiting the affected and infected home, you will get a different outlook. Most of us can agree that the smell is just gross, especially when it is embedded inside of a rug or carpet. When the urine has sat there for an extended period of time, you will have to have a professional deep-down shampooing to get the smell out. My Carpet Stinks has pick up and drop off service.

The main question is; just how bad is it for you to inhale this cat urine smell deeply embedded in your carpet? Well, it has been proven to pose health risks. There may be bacteria in the urine. As if that is not bad enough, another element found in urine is ammonia! As you know, this can actually be harmful if there are large quantities of it. So, you should to remove this cat urine smell from your carpet.


The fumes emitted irritate the lungs, nose and throat. If it gets through to your mucous membranes, it can create ammonium hydroxide after bonding with water. In large amounts and left to settle in, even inside urine-soaked carpets, it can cause respiratory distress which can cause respiratory failure.


It is always best for your pets to urinate outdoors, as any ammonia usually blows away and causes no harm. This does not happen when the air is stagnant as in a home or office. This is when it is possible to cause health related issues.


As reported by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it is required for any company who works around ammonia which contains more than 50 parts of ammonia per million parts of air, that they wear protective inhalation gear. Even more than that, the Hoarding Animals Research Consortium says that in neglected homes, the actual levels can be triple!  The carpets and areas really should be aired out and cleaned up fast.


Is urine bad for allergies?

Of course urine can be bad. Just the smell of the urine can affect some allergy sufferers and can be enough to cause asthma attacks. Many people are affected also by animal fur and hair. When you add that on top of the smell and ammonia, it can really mean trouble to some. At My Carpet Stinks, we take this personally. We understand that there are many elderly, young children and others that are most susceptible to having allergic reactions. This furthers our commitment to helping get your carpets clean the right way the first time.  .

Locating the pet’s urine spots

It is absolutely crucial that you properly clean your affected carpets or rugs as soon as you can. It not only helps to remove those harmful odors, it also helps to prevent your pet from going in the same spot over and over. Fresh urine stains can be located easily on carpets but the urine stains that have been sitting around for a long time on those carpets can be difficult to pinpoint. The Humane Society actually has a recommendation that you use a black light on the rugs or carpets when you want to find those old urine spots. When you call My Carpet Stinks, we do not just clean a spot or two, we clean the whole problem. Your will be amazed at how your carpets will come out. Make an appointment today.

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