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A section for DIY Carpet cleaners, plus much more… Yes, we even have an area for the Do It Your-selfer’s!

We would love to have our professionals save you the time, effort and aggravation, but, if you want to do it yoursel here you have some videos.  Check the videos below.

If you are thinking of becoming a DIY carpet cleaner, here are some tips for those that like to read as opposed to watching videos:
Carpets are one household item that needs to get a good deep cleaning at least twice a year.
Here are some tips before you begin, that might save you headaches, time, and money!
Properly caring for your carpets will help them look better and last longer. You won’t have to replace them as often. Some carpet manufacturers even require periodic cleanings to maintain your warranty.
You can always call on a professional to get the job done to make it much easier on your part. A certified technician will bring their skills, industrial strength equipment and professional chemicals or green solvents that are not easily available directly to the home or office owner.
You can always clean your carpets on your own, if you want and have the time. Being a DIY carpet cleaner can save you some money, but please do it properly. You can rent the equipment, if you don’t own it already. You should really research to find the best carpet cleaner for your home, as this is a crucial step.
Usually you can find the right equipment in your local hardware store, but make sure that it has the power to thoroughly clean your carpets.
Many DIY carpet cleaners tend to put too much of those chemicals in their carpets, and end up drenching them. Failure to use the right amounts of liquids and also to follow the manufacturer instructions can lead to mold spores forming and bacteria growth. The equipment should leave your carpet dry within a 12-14 hour period.
Make sure that you follow the proper water dilution ratios. When DIY homeowners clean carpets, they tend to add too much water or too much cleaning solution.
Do your best to avoid these common mistakes to avoid problems like sticky residue (which tends to actually attract the same dirt you are trying to remove), carpet fiber damage and even wicking.
Avoid the common mistake of using the powdered carpet deodorizers and even liquid ones, that can end up causing damage to your carpet fibers when being vacuumed. They tend to be gritty, which causes the problem.
There are many carpet manufacturers that say their carpets are ‘resistant’ to stains. For those, you need to find the proper cleaning solutions for your carpets materials. If you use the improper ones, you can void the warranty, so be careful!
Always make sure that you always read your warranties carefully. Some don’t even allow for you to clean your own carpets and mandate that you hire a pro.
It is all up to you on the route that you want to go. Don’t ever feel pressured into anything, but know all the facts first and ask questions always.
Here are some great videos that we found but do not own and are sharing for research and educational purposes as allowed by laws. Enjoy!

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