Area Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC Delicate-Thorough

Area Oriental Rug Cleaning NY

Area Oriental Rug Cleaning is another specialty of ours. Why trust our team at My Carpet Stinks to clean your rugs properly? Well, one reason is our commitment to excellence. Your satisfaction if our sole concern. Since you spend hard earned money on these you want them treated properly. This is where we excel.

Trust your fine, high quality Area and Oriental Rugs to the cleaning pros.


Professional cleaning your carpets is what the manufacturers expect you to do. The amount of foot traffic that your rugs have, will determine the frequency of cleaning needed.
Steam cleaning is not always going to be the right choice as heat and detergents can damage them. Spotting chemicals used by steam cleaners also causes damages which can result in color run and a shorter life span.


Oriental rugs are truly valuable works of art, of which some even cost thousands of dollars. Professional cleaners are the only people to the cleaning right. The only thing we expect you to understand is, expert cleaning is essential to maintain original status of your rugs and furniture. Our Area Oriental Rug Cleaning methods are second to none.

Household cleaning methods are unable to clean your rug deeply, professional cleaning is advised.


The services used on your rug will depend on the type of rug that you have on your home, plus the desired level of cleaning and protection that you want. At My Carpet Stinks, you will find a variety of rug cleaning services. Gentle to hand-washing, to large industrial rug machine washing, we will use the proper cleaning method for yours.

Latest equipment’s are used for Area Oriental Rug Cleaning services to clean ensure that they are cleaned efficiently without damaging the delicate texture of your rug.

Most noteworthy, we also provide pick up and drop off services, perform a spot bleeding test and offer a 24/7 hotline in case of spills and accidents that need to be handled instantly!

Our promise

Once we are done with cleaning your area rug, they are going to smell and look like brand new. We understand how valuable these rugs are to you and take that very seriously. Sometimes these rugs are handed down from generation to generation, so we truly realize that it is a privilege to be trusted in cleaning and caring for them.

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