How to choose the right carpet cleaning service in New York City

Are all NYC carpet cleaning services the same?

Are all NYC carpet cleaning services the same?

Are all NYC carpet cleaning services the same?

Of course every carpet cleaning company is going to say that they have the best carpet cleaning service around. With so many scams and people just looking to make a profit, it is difficult to sift through the dishonest companies.

The truth is that almost everything can be made to look like something it is not. It is the reason that New Yorkers are so leery about everything, including carpet cleaners!
A good place to start is by testimonials. When someone is happy with their carpet steam cleaning, do they rush to go on social media to share it with everyone? Not really.

The crazy thing is that what drives most people to leave reviews is when they are angry about bad service. Many times it is something irrelevent to the service that was given, but something that might have been said or just rubbed someone the wrong way.
At My Carpet Stinks, we really want to be the one of the top carpet cleaning service providers in New York City that people will love to only give good reviews and that is one tall task. Sometimes you have competitors that leave bad reviews also, so that is a caveat always.

There is strength in unity and that is the core concept of our small company. We have located several NYC carpet cleaning companies that are insured, bonded and guarantee their work 100%.
By working with several companies, it allows less wait time for our clients. Sometimes same day service is even possible, but that is usually a company that you do not want coming into your home. If they have no clients, that says something about them. However, it works out sometimes that one of our carpet cleaning crews are in your area at the time of the call.

If you look at our ‘Testimonials’ section, you will see great reviews from one of our vendors. A stellar record because they understand carpet cleaning and what makes a great carpet or rug cleaning service stand out.

So, what makes a NYC carpet cleaning service stand out??? Service and experience. All are not the same at all. Some have workers that are stressed and sick of looking at carpets. Others love their job and appreciate it.

Once you book an appointment online or by calling us, you will be talking to a carpet cleaning professional that lives and breathes carpets that can answer your questions. Contact US Today and you’ll see the difference we are making in the New York City area.

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