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Best Carpet Cleaning Services in New York City


At My Carpet Stinks we have the best commercial carpet cleaners in New York City. Based on our team’s experience cleaning carpets over the years, we can assure you a deep cleaning that gets to the root of the problem. Those germs and bacteria don’t have a chance! The result is the cleanest rugs or carpets that you can have in your home or business in New York City.


Upholstery Cleaning, Steam Cleaning, Dirt Lifting should be done at least ones a year? To keep the upholstery looking good and smelling fresh, you need a professional team that can safely remove stains, dirt and odors without damaging your sensitive furniture.


if you are an animal lover, you would understand that it’s worth it. Besides, a good carpet cleaning service like My Carpet Stinks can make those carpets and rugs smell good again. Instead of dog/cat pee.


Area-Oriental-Rug-Cleaning is another specialty of ours. Why trust our team at My Carpet Stinks to clean your rugs properly? Well, one reason is our commitment to excellence. Your satisfaction if our sole concern. Since you spend hard earned money on these you want them treated properly. This is where we excel.

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Having a clean carpet, bathroom, wood floor, exotic rug, air duct system and furniture, really makes a difference in the quality of life that you enjoy. We are all judged by others all the time. It is just the way life is. You want to leave the best impression. No one likes a dirty home, well most don’t! Wouldn’t you want to impress your friends and house guests when they come over? We all do!
Our vision is very simple: To clean up New York city from the inside out.

We are a carpet cleaning referral service that utilizes the services of some of the top carpet cleaning companies in New York City.We save you time by carefully selecting the best of the best that give you what you want each time.You don’t want to be ‘that house’ where people cringe about coming over to visit.Our cleaning companies take pride in their service to you. We only want professionals coming into your home.You must love the service that you receive. If you are not happy for any reason, please call us and let us know. We take customer satisfaction seriously.Our goal is not to just clean your valued furniture, carpets, upholstery, tiles, carpets and so much more, just once. We are in it to win it with you.Your happiness and a clean home or office is what we are about. Start off with a carpet cleaning and you’ll be hooked!


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At My Carpet Stinks, the name is easy to remember but the service is what you will remember the most.